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AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate



Size: 22x22 cm.

 High-quality Ukrainian red clay sourced from the region of Sloviansk.

 Dishes are created using only ecologically friendly materials, without the use of any non-ecological substances.

 Elegantly packed in an exclusive reusable box, adding a touch of sophistication and making it an ideal gift option.

 Please note that due to the handmade nature of our products and the unique components used, there may be slight variations in color, pattern, and size compared to what is shown or described on our website. These variations contribute to the charm and authenticity of each individual bowl.

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Upgrade your kitchen and embrace the natural elegance of our AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate. Shop now and experience the timeless beauty of handmade clayware.

Main benefits:

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of our AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate, meticulously handcrafted by master potter Viktor Yuzkov. With a legacy passed down from his parents, Viktor has been honing his skills in his own workshop for over 30 years, making him a second-generation expert in his craft. By acquiring our clay dishes, you not only bring home a piece of functional pottery but also a symbol of the strength and resilience of our nation, currently striving for independence.

Our AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate is created using high-quality, eco-friendly Ukrainian red clay sourced from the renowned region of Sloviansk. To ensure its durability and longevity, each bowl undergoes a firing process at temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. It is important to note that clayware appreciates a gradual temperature change, both during production and when used in the oven. It is not recommended to place the bowl in a preheated oven, as sudden temperature variations can impact its integrity.

Throughout history, clayware has been cherished by our ancestors for its multitude of benefits. It possesses exceptional temperature and humidity regulation properties. A clay cup can keep your refreshing fruit-infused water cool even under the sun. A clay teapot can maintain the warmth of your tea or coffee for hours, while a clay jug can keep milk from souring for an extended period. Additionally, clayware is ideal for food storage. Storing flour and grains in a clay pot helps keep pests away, ensuring their freshness. Onions, garlic, and other root vegetables resist spoilage and retain their flavor when stored in a clay jar.

AestheticAccent™ Clay Dishes Ideal for:

Experience the timeless beauty and functional elegance of our AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate. Elevate your dining experiences and create cherished moments with this exceptional piece:

Elegant Plating: Elevate your culinary presentations with the AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate. Its exquisite design and natural clay material provide a stunning backdrop for showcasing your culinary creations, making every dish a work of art.

Appetizing Appetizers: Impress your guests with beautifully arranged appetizers on the AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate. Its unique texture and earthy aesthetics enhance the visual appeal of your bite-sized delicacies, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Delightful Desserts: Indulge in decadent desserts served on the AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate. The plate's craftsmanship and organic feel complement the sweetness of your desserts, adding a touch of elegance to your after-dinner delights.

Artisanal Cheese and Charcuterie: Create an enticing cheese and charcuterie board on the AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate. Its natural clay surface provides a perfect canvas for arranging an assortment of cheeses, cured meats, and accompanying garnishes, delighting your taste buds and captivating your guests.

Beautiful Bread Display: Showcase freshly baked bread on the AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate. The plate's rustic charm and textured surface highlight the crusty exterior and soft interior of your bread, making it even more inviting.

Decorative Wall Art: Beyond its functionality, the AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate can be used as a decorative wall art piece. Hang it on your kitchen wall or display it in a living space to add a touch of handcrafted beauty and cultural heritage to your home.

Choose the AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate to enhance your dining experience with its artistic design, eco-friendly materials, and versatile usage. Embrace the beauty of Ukrainian pottery and make every meal a feast for the senses.

Why People Love Our AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate:

  1. Premium Craftsmanship: Each dishes is meticulously handcrafted by Viktor Yuzkov, showcasing his expertise and passion for clay pottery.
  2. Eco-friendly Materials: Crafted from high-quality Ukrainian red clay, our dishes are free from harmful substances, making them safe for food preparation and serving.
  3. Temperature Regulation: The natural properties of clay ensure optimal temperature retention, keeping your food and beverages at their desired state for longer.
  4. Functional and Decorative: The AestheticAccent™ clay dishes is not just a practical kitchen tool but also a stunning piece of art, adding an authentic touch to your dining experience.
  5. Culinary Versatility: From salads to soups, our dishes is designed to serve a wide range of dishes, allowing you to showcase your culinary creations with style.


To ensure the longevity of your AestheticAccent™ Ukrainian Clay Plate, avoid exposing it to extreme temperature changes. It is best to hand wash the clay dishes with warm water and mild detergent, but you can use dishwasher too. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that may damage the clay's surface. Allow the bowl to air dry completely before storing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Are these clay dishes safe for food use?
A: Yes, our clay bowls are made from food-safe materials and are perfect for preparing and serving food.

Q: How are the clay dishes made?
A: Our clay dishes are meticulously handcrafted by skilled master potter Viktor Yuzkov using high-quality Ukrainian clay. They are shaped and formed with precision, ensuring their durability and unique characteristics.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my clay dishes?
A: Cleaning and maintaining your clay dishes is simple. After each use, wash it with warm water and mild dishwashing detergent. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. Allow it to air dry completely before storing or reusing.

Q: Can I use the clay dishes in the oven or microwave?
A: Our clay dishes are oven-safe and microwave-safe, allowing you to heat or bake food directly in them. However, it's important to follow the specific guidelines provided with your clay bowl to ensure safe usage.

Q: Are these clay dishes durable?
A: Yes, our clay dishes are crafted with care and designed to withstand regular use. They are made from high-quality clay and treated with special finishes to enhance their durability. With proper care and handling, they can last for years, becoming treasured pieces in your kitchen.

Thank you for choosing our AestheticAccent™. If you have any further inquiries or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.